The Dragon's Wound

Book One of The Immortals

A mysterious legacy. An ancient prophecy. A courageous heart.

A high fantasy novel by Malachi Coan

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A tale of adventure, magic, and mystery from Hopestar Books.

The Dragon's Wound

If you were thrilled by Percy Jackson and the Olympians, inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia, or laughed out loud at Redwall, you'll love the new fantasy adventure The Dragon's Wound.

Hunted by a horde of minotaurs, attacked by giant forest spiders, ambushed by shadow elves—if he survives, one boy could change the fate of the world.

In the quiet of Oridun Village, Jason Kane is being prepared for a mission. For as long as he can remember, his life has revolved around combat training and weapons. And though he's becoming a skilled fighter, he still has much to learn. Troubled by dark fragments of memories, he begins to question the secrecy surrounding his father’s warrior past—and even his own identity. When disaster strikes, he is propelled into a search for answers.

Pursued by foes, Jason seeks the wizard who can unravel the mysterious prophecy that echoes in his dreams. He encounters unexpected friends and embarks on a perilous quest through the forbidden Elven Forest and the treacherous Mordellan Swamp. His journey will bring him face to face with a malevolent dragon—and a weighty choice. As life and death hang in the balance, Jason must decide whether to accept the path for which he was chosen.

Against sinister enemies guided by a powerful, corrupting force, swords and sorcery are not enough—the companions need a powerful ally, or darkness will prevail.

Title: The Dragon's Wound
Series: The Immortals, Book 1
Author: Malachi Coan
Publisher: Hopestar, an imprint of
Gatewater Publishing, LLC
Size: 370 pages, 5.5” x 8.5”
Hardcover: ISBN: 979-8-9899860-0-2
Trade Paperback: ISBN: 979-8-9899860-1-9
eBook: ISBN: 979-8-9899860-2-6
YAF019030 YOUNG ADULT FICTION / Fantasy / Epic
FIC009020 FICTION / Fantasy / Epic
FIC009100 FICTION / Fantasy / Action & Adventure
Slowly, he crumpled to the ground as darkness and pain engulfed him. Just when all seemed lost, the dream changed again. Now he found himself on a high rock ledge, looking out at a great emerald sea. Everything felt new and serene. The pain and fear had vanished. A sense of calm wonder overtook him as Jason stared across the endless waves. A strong voice, tremendous and wise, spoke calmly, saying, “Always remember this: I chose you. Remain in the light, my son, and your path will not fail.”

—Malachi Coan's The Dragon's Wound